4x6 is a series of 4’x6’ images constructed by 4”x6” pieces. The concept involves deconstructing an image piece by piece and putting it back together in a way that explores the relationship between time, movement, and memory. These works compel us to ask how we remember a particular landscape or architectural scene and recreate this in our memory as almost puzzle-like pieces. In the process, I view the color, perspective and details of a place or subject. In this series, I explore the formal artistic medium of a large-scale photograph in contrast to the informal 4”x6” snapshot. Through this contrast, I engage in a conversation with the viewer about his or her perspective of a scene.

Doubletake is a series of deconstructed photographs that I created by punching holes in 6x7 negatives, and reconstructing the image on a glass carrier in the darkroom. I developed the hole-punch technique as a way to continue challenging the notion of photographic representation and process. Each photograph captures an image from a city I have lived in, and the series captures both a familiar and a foreign look into my own backyard.

Nature as Sculpture is a series which explores the desire to create forms as intrinsically majestic as nature itself. Through the viewfinder, I focused on how light and shadow created a sculptural form.

Evidence is a series of black and white “portraits” (defined in the abstract as a visual representation) in which people are seen not by their physical presence, but through their traces: a crumpled napkin, a straw in an empty glass, or french fries left in a bowl of ketchup. The series is composed largely of photographs taken at diners and restaurants of tables that have recently been vacated. These are fresh tracks. These are portraits with the paint still wet.


Inside and Outside is a combination of still images and audio. In the imagery I have cropped from pictures I have taken both of the building I had to vacate during a rent increase as well as other buildings in which are potential targets for an increase of rent or being turned into condos. I matched the images with the sounds of people I met that had been displaced from their homes by up to a 90% increase of their current rent. These are some of their words of what happened.

after-noon is a work in which I experimented with using different filters and tones to explore a past or dream state. In this video it was originally shot in a narrative style and then in post-production I found imagery that I shot during the down time which I integrated in order to create a more conceptual idea(s) of what may have taken place. In this video I am exploring waiting, disconnect, dream and connection.